Saturday, 1 August 2009

This image is no more

(short project description)

"This image is no more"

We want to engage ordinary people who live and work in the city to tell personal stories of images. With the help of a city map the public will find these storytellers in their everyday settings at home or at work. On request each person/storyteller will perform a monologue describing a certain image to the public. This image could be of any object, artwork or place that no longer exist in physical form. The image could have been censored, erased, manipulated or simply lost somewhere. It could also be that the image is imagined, a dream or a vision never materialised. It would be an image that only exists through the memory and retelling by the storyteller.

Good TV / Juan Pedro Fabra, Loulou Cherinet and Michele Masucci

hosted by home shop in Beijing.

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